Musical Influences & Repertoire

My influences include:

  1. Andy Williams
  2. Pat Boone
  3. Simon and Garfunkel
  4. Gordon Lightfoot
  5. Eric Clapton

Styles played are jazz, country, folk, and rock.


My repertoire includes:

Eric Clapton

  1. Lonesome Stranger
  2. Take a Look at Yourself
  3. Layla

Led Zeppelin

  1. Stairway to Heaven 
  2. Going to California

Steely Dan

  1. 19
  2. Josie
  3. FM
  4. Deacon Blues 

Gordon Lightfoot

  1. If You Could Read My Mind
  2. Steel Rail Blues
  3. Cotton Jenny
  4. Old Dans' Records

    Gordon Lightfoot is probably the single greatest influence.  Gordon publishes the chords and lyrics to all his music on his site at

Paul Simon

  1. Mrs. Robinson
  2. Kathy's Song
  3. The Boxer

Harry Chapin

  1. Cat's in the Cradle
  2. WOLD

Newer artists that influence me are Owl City, David Gray, Five for Fighting.  Anything along this style of play is something I love to learn.

Inspire Through Art

You can't have an "it's about me" thing and inspire others.  Your audience will walk away.

One of my favorite artists is Najee.  He says it all when he mentions to an audience that in talking to him, no one should ever feel that he's more important than they are.

Another favorite is Gordon Lightfoot.  He publishes the chords and lyrics for every one of his songs.  He intends them to be covered and just wants his art out there.  He's the George Jones of Canada.

For Country Music, there can't be enough good said about Alan Jackson.  When George Jones could not play the song "Choices" due to some bureaucratic nonsense, Alan Jackson played and sang the entire song for him.

Sure, there are examples antipathetic to those listed above but the real deals care about the fans and making their lives better.